Holly BundeNASM, CPT & CNCAwesome Intern TurnedCertified Personal Trainer &  Nutrition Coach
Holly has an athletic background in swimming, running, and triathlons. She has triumphed over challenges like cancer and is committed to assisting others in leading healthier lives. She prioritizes balance, flexibility, and overall fitness, drawing from her own life experiences as a married mother of two. Holly adopts a personalized approach to personal training, tailoring programs to individual needs and goals. With a focus on functional movement, balance, and flexibility, she empowers clients to improve their physical fitness and enhance their well-being. Certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Holly remains updated on the latest fitness trends to deliver effective training methods for sustainable results. Beyond training, she enjoys church, Bible studies, outdoor activities, and family time.

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Phone: (661) 809-3778

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