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"Awesome Fitness... a history."

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Awesome Fitness, LLC was established in 2015, literally out of our garage, by two people passionate about and determined to make a meaningful impact on the fitness industry. In our almost 9 years in business, we have had several facilities in different parts of town. We have been in our current  SW Bakersfield location for about three years. previously located in NW Bakersfield off of Calloway and Brimhall, our largest gym at 5,000 sqft was where we made the transition from a Personal Training Studio to a 24-hour general membership gym in 2017. Post-Covid shutdown, we downsized by about half, but have been blessed to stay in business, despite the economic hardships in the fitness industry. We owe our continued success to our community and members. Without you, we might not have made it this far. Thank you!

Our Mission and purpose...


Awesome Fitness was created in 2015 to provide our community with safe, high-quality, and effective personalized training programs, in a private and controlled environment, without the price tag and contracts of the "big box" gyms. It is our mission to help each client reach their specific goals, by providing them with the expert knowledge and skills that they will need to take their training to the next level!

 In addition to some of the best personal trainers in town, our facility is open to general members 24/7. Is your work schedule different from the typical 9-5? We cater to the night owls and after-hours workers. You won’t run into large crowds or long lines at the squat rack. You choose the music and the vibe, and with the “bring a friend” add-on, you can choose your workout tribe. Our members call AF “home” for a reason.