Awesome Fitness, LLC

4800 New Horizon Blvd. Ste A, Bakersfield CA 93313

Mary Ryan

Owner/ Founder/ CEO

NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT)NASM Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC)AA KINESIOLOGY (BC)AA LIBERAL ARTS (BC)
Pursuing Bachelors at CSUB:Major:*Kinesiology: Physical Activity LeadershipMinors*Psychology*Business Administration

Your Awesome Founder

Mary has been a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer(CPT) and Nutrition Coach (CNC) since 2015; the same year that she started Awesome Fitness in her garage as a Personal Training Studio.  In 2016, shortly after receiving her CPT and CNC certifications, she went back to school. She graduated from Bakersfield College in 2019 with an AA in Kinesiology as well as an AA in Liberal Arts. She is now pursuing her Bachelor in Kinesiology at CSUB with a focus in Physical Activity Leadership, as well as two minors, one for Psychology and the other for Business Administration. She has a passion for fitness and nutrition and how they interact with and impact mental Health. Being a mental health advocate, she is active in pursuing research on how physical activity can be a useful tool, in addition to traditional treatment of mental health disorders and for use in addiction recovery. However, in her free time, you can catch her at the gym working out, doing homework, reading, listening to music, or watching one of her favorite movies or TV shows. Usually accompanied by her best friend, Zeus, of course.

Having Trouble Finding Us...?

Awesome Fitness is located in Southwest Bakersfield in the White Lane/ New Stine Rd/ District Blvd area. We are directly behind the Stine Veterinary office off of New Stine Rd. 

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Awesome Fitness: A History

Awesome Fitness, LLC was established in 2015, out of a garage, with determination and passion to make a meaningful impact on the fitness industry. Over its 9 years of business, AF has been located in several facilities within Bakersfield.  the current  South West Bakersfield location has been home for about three years. previously located in North West Bakersfield off of Calloway and Brimhall, the largest gym at 5,000 sqft was where AF made the transition from a Personal Training Studio to a 24-hour general membership gym in 2017. Post-Covid shutdown, AF downsized by about half but has been blessed to stay in business, despite the economic hardships in the fitness industry.  The continued success of AF is the result of an awesome community and valued members who continue to support the dream.  Without you, we might not have made it this far. Thank you! 

Mission and Purpose

Starts and ends with you!

Awesome Fitness, LLC was created to bridge the gap between overcharged clients and underpaid trainers. We believe that clients, from all socioeconomic backgrounds deserve access to exceptional fitness facilities and affordable personal training options. We also believe that the Personal Trainers who provide these essential services deserve to be paid livable wages, as their expertise is critical to the safety and effectiveness of achieving a healthier community.

Awesome Fitness was established in 2015 on the principle made popular by author Simon Sinek in his book, “Start with Why.” Our “why” has defined not only our mission statement but also every business decision we make stems from this core value.

It is with this mindset that we have achieved our goal of providing our community with safe, high-quality, and effective personalized training programs, in a private and controlled environment, without the price tag and contracts of the "big box" gyms. It is our mission to help each client reach their specific goals, by providing them with the expert knowledge and skills that they will need to take their training or health and fitness to the next level!

In addition to some of the best personal trainers in town, our facility is open to general members 24/7.

Is your work schedule different from the typical 9-5? We cater to the night owls and after-hours workers.

You won’t run into large crowds or long lines at the squat rack.

You choose the music and the vibe, and with the “bring a friend” add-on, you can choose your workout tribe. Our members call AF “home” for a reason.

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